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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  November 27, 2009 6:00am-6:59am EST

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>> reporter: we're here with wjz traffic control. if you are headed out to the parking lots what one are full and what ones are not. >> is it raining on the lot you're going to, first morning doppler shows it might be. but we are busting rain out of here quick. ron, it's a black friday and a chiller one at that. >> reporter: yes, but the shopping carts are full. the early birds are here. we have the full story when the eyewitness
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it is indeed friday. and it is the top of the hour and this is a very green look to this black friday and that is good for all of the
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businesses that have been in the red up to now. and we look at some of the parking lots to see which ones still have room. and doppler morning radar. a cold front passing through the region. if you are west of the returns you are pretty much done for the day. and give it about on hour. it is going to be long gone. winds out of the northwest and increased right now five. to 10 miles an hour steady. it is going to be a windy day. this is dry scene moving in to bust up that fog and that miserable misting of the past two days. 48 at lunch hour. this evening windy and 42. skies will slowly clear to clear skies this evening. i have to show you something though. on this northwest flee there is a winter weather advisory in effect. reports of allegheny county through tomorrow. don, take it away. >> thank you. and this morning's commute
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appears to be a parking issue. >> reporter: the main roads are clear but we have plenty of other problems. we had a pedestrian struck in the k-mart lot on edge water. do be careful out there. accidents out there one of them in windsor mills at liberty. meantime onto the lots. eloquette city parking lot full.
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if you're headed out to where ron is in dundock that lot is completely packed at security square area at the best buy where andrea is that slot 98% full. there is a look at 83 just north of the beltway looking good as are all the other main roads. back to you, don. >> thank you, we'll continue with that theme. the turkey is barely off the table and some people shopping yesterday afternoon. let geese to andrea live at the best buy lot. good morning andrea. >> reporter: good morning, don and good morning everyone. it's only on black friday you'll see a parking lot packed at 6:00 a.m. about an hour before the doors opened at best buy i would say
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between one and 200 people were lining up outside. some people saying they were there since yesterday afternoon right after the thanksgiving meal was complete. a lot of people saying they look forward to the deals inside and so the stores are really hoping that that comes true. and they are looking to turn around all of the bleakness from the recession. >> the wait is over. black friday is here. >> this is something you plan for every year. this is like a marathon. >> before you shop until you drop you should know that things may be different this year. retailers are trying some new tricks to pull you in. >> the discounts are going to be more like 40 to 50% off selected items and not storewide sales. >> in other words some deals will be steals but you to look harder to find them. >> consumers will find a smaller choice in terms of the
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sizes and selection of merchandise this year than ever before. >> many retailers are holding a new strategy holding preblack friday sales on a relatively small number of items. >> you have to come early, be in line and shop smart. >> reporter: and analysts predict more people will be doing their shopping on line this year. still crowds today are expected to be large. >> we find that the retailers are expecting a much better turn outand a much better black friday than they have seen in the last year at least. >> and you can see people leaving best buy, filling up their cars are all of their merchandise, a lot of computers and a lot of trmt vs being sold here. but i have to be honest. i found one lady who said she would rather pay full price every than get up early and
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stand in line. >> but she was there. >> she was there and did buy a wii for herself. >> we want to know if you plan to go shopping this black friday. if so will you do it at a store or on line or both? in our poll so far 11% say they are going to the store. 16% say they are shopping on line. 2% say both and 71% say they are not shopping today but they are on line at this hour. go to and look at our special link about shopping today. but it is not all sweetness today. police say that two men are using an atm to steal people's money. police believe that the thieves have struck several locations. police say that the two men put an atm skimmer device on the bank of america atm several times over the last few months
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and officials say that that helped thieves steal account from more than a hundred customers' cards. >> be observant. see if there is anything out of the ordinary that you would not see on an atm machine. >> and people believe that the same men have struck several other atms as well. more uncertainty for mayor sheila dickson as she awaits to find out the outcome of her theft trial. the mayor is keeping a low profile this holiday. >> i said i'm blessed to be alive. >> reporter: even as the jury decided her fate behind closed doors this week. the mayor trying to keep to her pub bick schedule. to handing out turkeys to handling of board of estimate meetings. and most of the time she did it with a smile. if felony theft count alone
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clouds a possible 15 year jail sentence. prosecutors accuse is the mayor of stealing cards from the needy. >> having a jury deliberate is probably one of the most stressful things one can imagine. and particularly when the deliberations extend over this long a period of time. it must be particularly wearingson to mayor. >> the mayor chose to spend thanksgiving out of the limelight with loved ones. >> her daughter is in from out of town and they are spending some time together and with the family. and she is catching up on some work. >> reporter: we know little of the jury aside from the notes
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they are sending asking for breaks. >> and stay with wjz witness news for the latest on the case. we promise to bring you the verdict as soon as it is reached. so thanksgiving has come and gone it and's time start decorating for a lot of people. every year the trees at the festival of trees are auctioned off. the festival runs through this weekend and is part of our continuing commitment. for more information you can go to and click on the special link there. and today, tomorrow and sunday the festival of trees at the
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fair grounds. >> all right. tell you what, let's take a look at first warning doppler. and we go to parking lot at the wal-mart on dundock and that parking lot is packed. we are going to take a look at the forecast for the day. a high of 49 degrees. clouds and sun. windy and colder. i am going the get the rain symbol out of there before too long. once the showers clear the region. a pretty cloudy day. once again i'm using a beer term to describe today's weather. come on back here for a second. there is going to be some back wash clouds come in. it may be a sprinkle later. but for the most part rain is done once it ends this morning in your neighborhood. the ronster is there. he is rounding people up for
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this live shot. and people coming out with shopping carts loaded. >> reporter: stay right here, we are going talk to you. we have ladys and gentlemen over here. the parking lot is full and so are the shopping carts. we've live on black friday when the eyewitness news óóóóó
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up to 42-degree. what a difference a day makes. it is going to be a windy day and we started an hour and 15 minutes ago with a 3-mile an hour breeze now up to 10. 30 in oakland and here are the
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rest of your temperatures. 42 columbia. 43 rock hall. 41 on ken island and 44 degrees. here is this back wash i'm talk about. we start to see the flurry activity in western maryland. i think this is an interesting part of the forecast. by tomorrow the temperatures rise back into the low to mid- 50s windy, chilly. tonight mainly clear. windy and colder. low winds diminish tomorrow. 49 to 54 and then on sunday
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going to almost 60. monday partly sunny and 54. tuesday sunny and 48. wednesday partly sunny and 56. we are not opened up the door to all of that frigid air from canada. don, take it away. >> thank you. and sharon now in traffic control. >> reporter: we have scouts out there check all of the lots. we have a pedestrian struck in one of the lots. meantime we have some lot reports in eloquette city
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full. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. back over to you. >> we like reports from brother-in-laws, they are usually quite accurate. >> if you're on the western shore you have to leave early and go across the bridge to get
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to the shopping malls. ronnie, what is going on? good morning. >> reporter: from around the world, across the nation and down your alley, ladies and gentlemen. >> those t vs are flying out of there. >> reporter: we are live at the wal-mart on dundock. how many do you have in. >> two of them. >> reporter: did you have to wait a long time? >> no, they have four pallets of them. i just had to wait about half an hour. i got lucky. congratulations. >> reporter: what do you get. >> t vs, dvd. lap top, computer. all of the good stuff. >> reporter: good to see you. thank you. >> what did you get? >> i have been here all night to get one tv. >> reporter: you got one in. >> i got one. >> reporter: congratulations. what is your name? >> i'm antawn. i got two of them and i was in there for about 20 minutes.
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>> reporter: very good. congratulations. >> hey, ronnie? ronnie? >> reporter: we have a lot of other items on sale that they had a gps for -- let me double check this, $59. a tom tom gps. $59. >> ron? >> reporter: yes. >> i have on observation for you. how much are the t vs going for. >> reporter: $248. 42-inch. >> that will tell you what the mark up is. if they can unload those and they are making a bit of money on that. >> reporter: yes. >> so you can pick up something else while you're there. >> but what i'm telling you is that you can see that tv for hundreds more at other
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locations so that tells you what the mark-up is. >> reporter: what is your name? >> tanisha. >> reporter: these were kids pyjamas how much? >> three bucks. >> reporter: three bucks. here is ruby from danville, virginia. what do you get. >> a microwave for $18 and some rubbermade storage bins for $8. c'mon down, you can't beat the price. >> reporter: the new wal-mart spokesperson. >> what do you spend? >> i spent $165. just some change. >> reporter: nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you too. >> reporter: how are you guys doing. >> april.
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alicia. good morning, don and marty, how are you. >> great. the average person over the holiday season is going to spend about $638 on their shopping. how are you doing? i'm doing fine. >> reporter: what do you get? >> gps, gameboy. >> reporter: how much did you spend. >> a thousand. >> reporter: wow. >> i am fascinated by the 32- inch, high definition tv for that price. i am seeing the tvs priced from 490 to $528. that is a heck of a -- i'm just telling you. >> reporter: now you know why
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they are flying out the door here. calm down where are you from? >> from dundock. >> what did you buy? >> everything we have been here since 4:30 a.m. >> reporter: all right. this is for us. >> yes. and merry christmas. >> reporter: we're eating good in the neighborhood. we have to show judy. this parking lot. we have been doing this live shot for ten or 12 years now. it is as full as i have ever seen it. and you can see how far the people are walk to get to their cars. >> tell judy to do a better job of lighting it. >> reporter: we are doing our best here.
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>> all right. just wanted to get on judy's case. >> we have to roll. and that lady from danville, virginia is nothing. steven king came from maine once to shop there. >> taking a break and coming right back
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still to come on our morning edition. >> reporter: good luck finding a parking spot as many stores are packed. good morning everyone. new information about the virginia couple that crashed the president's state dinner. who they are and how they were admitted. that story is next on eyewitness news. and if you're about to go out and do some black friday shopping. what parking lots are first. >> that couple that crashed is a couple is that wants serious attention. they are going to get more attention than balloon boy's family. and the super bowl hype has begun and the coach wants to
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e. hello again at the bottom of hour. it is a purple and black friday and we're talking shopping food the ravens on sunday. and sharon is watching parking lots today. more on that after the morning weather. morning everybody, we've been having some thunder over the past few hours. always good to do a show. a ton of people up as we have been showing you. and the weather is co- operating. moisture overnight getting out of here. if it's raining where you are, for instance you're just southwest of bel air. it is raining right now. jacksonville and white marsh, give it 15 to 20 minutes. that will be disappearing. we are starting to see the moisture pulling out of the season. strong, northwest steady wind. we started the show at 5:00. it was northwest at three.
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partly sunny and i have to point something out. on this northwest flee there is some lake effect until tomorrow. here is a winter weather advisory. don, take it away. >> thank you. going shopping in better ran on a bit of a walk once you get to the store. here is sharon. >> reporter: some lots don't even have spaces. ask ron at the dundock wal- mart. if you have headed there a few accidents you want to watch out for. just approaching 195 a vehicle into the woods. meantime a pedestrian struck in the k-mart lot in edgewater road. in eloquette city long gate
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shopping center. same goes for the best buy in palson and completely full in york and ridgeway. the target lot 80% full. meantime there is a live look at 29 at 108 running smoothly. the main roads pretty empty. headed over to the eastern shore and the outlets. the outlet lots are 60 to 70% full. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota and your local toyota dealer. >> thank you. we are going to stick with the parking lot and shopping theme. we are live at the best buy across from security square mall in woodlawn. good morning once again, andrea. >> reporter: good morning don, and good morning everyone. the parking lot behind me remains full.
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people are circling around here. that is because people were waiting outside for a while. some 16 hours just to get into the store earlier this morning. let's show some video of what it looks like inside the store. people seem to know exactly what they want going for the tvs and last hops. practically no one is leaving empty-handed here. and that is exactly what struggling retailers want. >> the long wait is over. black friday is finally here. >> this is something you plan for every year. >> this is like a marathon. >> it is the day shops help get them out of the red and into the black. but before you shop until you droppish know things may be different this year. retailers are trying new tricks to pull you in. >> it is going to be 40 to 50% on selected items and not store wide sales. >> in other words, some deals will be steals, but you have to
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look harder to find them. >> consumers will find smaller choices and a smaller selection of sizes than before. >> reporter: some retailers held preblack friday sales on a relatively small number of items. some stores like coals and best buy started them last week. >> and there is bad news for stores. analysts predict more people will be doing their shopping on line this year. up about 3% from last year. still crowds today are expected to be large. >> we find that the retailers are expecting a much better turn outin a much better black frayed than they have seen in the last year at least. and people continue to go inside best buy and leave with bags and carts full of stuff, but surprisingly the national retail foundation says that marylanders are going to spend a little bit less this year
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totaling about $19 million. don, back to you. >> thank you, andrea. and we want to know from you if you plan to go shopping on this black friday. if so will you do it in a store or on-line or a combination of both. >> and a developing story from washington d.c. as the secret service is still trying to explain how a northern virginia couple managed to get into the white house on tuesday night. we have new details this morning. >> the latest details in this bizarre story reveal -- the now infamous couple will go down in history for crashing president obama's first state dinner. >> the two were not on the guest list but they blew past
6:39 am
security and went home with pictures of just about everyone, including the vice- president and the mayor of washington, d.c. >> me made their way through the entire event undetected until the time guests sat down and then they slipped out. >> they are known as washington socialites and vineyard owners. she is vying for a spot on the real house wives of dc. camera crews followed them to the white house. >> president obama has made it very accessible for anyone to visit the white house. >> at this point it's unclear where the couple could be charged with trespassing or another relation. but an attorney who represented the coupe until the past say the they did nothing wrong but went to a party. >> but you never know what a couple who are uninvited are going to do when they get there. >> the secret service says they did not check in the couple
6:40 am
were on the guest list or if they had a criminal back ground. the concern actually exceeds the party feaux pas. >> as far as we know this is the first time in modern history that anyone crashed a white house state dinner. >> i just brought up her face book page. >> it is available. >> but read this, i was honored to be invited to attend the first state dinner held by president obama and the first lady to honor india. now she is saying invited. >> that is interesting. >> attention, fill in the
6:41 am
blanks. you don't throw water on the president's party. what is going to happen to these two clods is going to make what happens toba loon boy's family look easy. >> and they brought along a bravo film crew because she is trying to get on this wive's of washington nbc. so that may have greased the wheels a little bit but no one wants to say that. >> and she posts she was honored to be invited. more to come. and now to real news of the morning. the ronster is with us in dundock with the wal-mart parking lot is packed. >> reporter: alicia, how much did you spend. >> $117. >> reporter: what did you get.
6:42 am
>> a kodak camera, clothing, toys, $139. >> and >> and we're on the way to k- mart. >> reporter: there you go. they will be crashing the white house next. >> reporter: what is your name,sierra. >> reporter: thank you for coming. happy thanksgiving. 700 shopping carts here. they were all taken at 3:00 this morning. this is the hottest commodity right here. happy thanksgiving. >> thank you and happy thanksgiving to you. and thank you for the cart. >> reporter: we send it back to you on tv hill. >> always a lot of fun. we always talk about the has example the parking, but all of the people out there seem to be having fun. >> there is no real negative to
6:43 am
the story. >> that one person that got hit in the k-mart parking lot. kohling up, we are already started the super bowl hype. the who is going to be the half time enjoyment. the coach wants to send you down to the super bowl. and of course he is more than happy to talk football. raven's football. you it a tuned. hear what iron mike has to say about the local guy. sharon has your
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we're look at steady breeze out of the west, northwest. for us moving through the area dryer air pressing into the mid- atlantic. look at the separation between temperature and dew point. the day before it was the same and 100% humidity. 30degrees this morning in oakland. 41 on ken island and annapolis and bel air. cold front dives through the
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ear. this is greatly diminishing possibility of shower activity and the mountains do a pretty good job on that. through northwestern maryland over the next few days we have a winter weather advisory. because of some lake effect snow. cool air moves in but very quickly right of a temperatures go back up above normal. 49 the normal by the way is 52. tonight 36:00 the normal is 32. tomorrow boom, we don't tap the northwest. 54degrees with mostly sunny skies. almost 60 on sunday. 48 tuesday but back up to 56 degrees on sunday. ravens, steelers sunday night. great football weather. >> don, take it away. >> thank you. and here is the busy sharon at wjz traffic control. we, plenty of problems at parking lots and thren o' of the accidents near shopping malls. watch for an accident coming in
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to us. 95 southbound at 195, a vehicle into the woods there. and also looking at pedestrians struck in edge water in the k- mart parking lot. we're just hearing that the mall in owen mills the maysy's and pennies still plenty of room there. in eloquette city shopping center still full. in columbia watch for a full- lot at wal-mart, target and dick's sporting goods and pretty much those are your major ones at best buy and wal- mart seeming to be very popular this morning. 83 north on the beltway looking good. back over to you, marty and don. >> okay, had a chance to talk to mike and dick. and it is about this thing that
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norelco is doing. it is an ultimate fans' fantasy weekend. people are doing trivia and it can get you a trip to the bowl. so before we start rolling to tape we thought we'd get plugs and that. i would like to talk football but mike swung it in to the ravens. iron mike is impressed at what the going on out at one winning drive. ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the eyewitness news morning edition. coach mike dick, should you it going today. >> i'm doing fine, how are you? >> let's take care of business right off the get go. the hype to the pro bowl is super bowl has begun, norelco is offering a great super bowl weekend. >> yes, it is called the phillips and income orelco trivia bowl. you can enter the contest on
6:50 am
liefnlt for the next eight weeks one winner will be picked. they get to go to new york's time square and they compete in the trivia bowl. the winner will get to go to miami for four wonderful days for the ultimate football weekend. >> which is february 4th to the 8th of 2010. >> yes. >> this is a really cool contest. how do you think you would do in this contest the you were playing it. >> not good, i am not good at trivia. somebody asked me about a bears record that i held and i didn't know about it. >> and you will be a subject in the trivia. >> probably i will be. >> instead of iron mike it will
6:51 am
be honest mike. coach, can we talk a little football real quick and get back to the philips contest. >> sure. >> this year you have some teams really playing well. in our conference obviously the colts at this point, as of this taping undefeated. you have minnesota. a couple of other teams really playing well. but it seems to me that everybody else is at kind of 500 or above. five and five, six and four. >> i agree with you guys. they they wanted parity. st. louis as struggled. tampa by a struggled. the raiders until they got the big win against cincinnati. but there are a lot. -- if you look at it any team,
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and i really believe this. any team on any sunday can beat anybody else and we keep seeing it over and over again. the raider win last week. they looked horrible. they made a switch in quarterback and now have a chance to win. anybody can beat anybody in this league. >> as of this taping the ravens are five and five. and i have to think to myself over the next six games. we could still potentially get a wildcard spot. wildcard could be at 10 and 16. >> they will get in at 10 and six. if you want to get to 11 and five that is really special. baltimore is a good football team. they hit a bump in the road last week. but they still play well on the defensive side of the ball. offensively they hit a bump on the road last week. but here is the thing. what happened is that
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cincinnati brought them back to the pack. pittsburgh is struggling right now. they gave up a lot of returns for touchdowns. enter exception returns. punt returns. they give up a lot of return yards. they had 515 yards of offence last week and lost the football game. >> but like you said on monday night countdown. you said, look they are going to beat the jets next week and everyone is going to forget about it. there is always the next game. >> absolutely. if you live in the past you die in the past. these guys have to play the game one at a time in the moment. you have a good young coach down in baltimore. i think he is going a heck of a job. just take them one at a time. don't look ahead and don't look back. what happens happens, you can't undo it. you can control your destiny
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but you to take it one at a time. >> here is the website again the norelco. -- >> have a great holiday season, thank you, coach. >> same to you, don and marty. >> everyone thinks they got the trivia thing down. do this thing at the espn zone. check it out one more time as we go to break. >> the espn zone in new york city and then down to miami. >> yes. >> and taking a
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take a look at first warning eradar, that leaves with us a forecast and clouds and sun, windy and cooler with a high temperature of 40 degrees. if you're headed out for early shopping the main road are empty but the parking lots are full. watch for some basicically full lots at the outlets. this traffic report is brought to you by the highway -- >> stay with wjz1
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